Born February 10, 1976 and raised in Mahopac, New York, Michael Grassia grew up dreaming of being an artist and a millionaire. Well, at least one of his dreams came true. In 1994 at the age of eighteen Michael got his first professional gig as a concept artist and animator for an educational video game company. More than 20 years has passed and Michael has worked in a variety of creative positions including an illustrator, animator, video editor, graphic designer, art director, puppeteer, and puppet builder. Michael’s work includes comics, children’s books, greeting cards, and web based animations.

Additionally, Michael is an educator and has shared his cartoon knowledge with the world through his website getintoon.net. In September 2017 Michael released his first education app “A Simple Guide to Storytelling” which teaches storytelling through comic strips and is available on iOS and android. Michael is also the co-creator and co-promoter of IncrediKids (formally GET IN TOON! with Comic Clubhouse), a series of traveling workshops and panels aimed to spark creativity and imagination in kids of all ages. He is also the co-creator and co-promoter of IncrediCon, the family friendly comic and pop culture fest.

Michael is best known for his comic Plunger Pup, a sci-fi adventure story about a dog that fights crime with a magic plunger. On October 1, 2018 Michael launched his comic The Wiz, which can be read on instagram @thewizcomic.

At the drop of a pencil Michael is always ready to GET IN TOON!

You can follow Michael on instagram and twitter @MichaelGrassia.


“With nothing more than pads of paper and some markers, I’ve seen Michael help transform a room of dreamers into a room of illustrators.”

-James, Librarian

“Michael’s illustrations hearkens back to a pure strain of cartooning; Intuitive, unrestrained, and humorous.”

-James, Librarian

“Not only is Michael Grassia a gifted comic book illustrator and writer, he also is a tremendously knowledgeable about the history of comics and animation. His wealth of knowledge about the industry has been a tremendous asset to Youth Tribes and has helped educate many clients about exciting new business opportunities in the comic and pop culture market.” 

-Andrea Graham, Owner of Youth Tribes: Youth Culture Research and Consulting

 “I find Michael’s love for all things animated to be a true testament to his passion and abilities as an illustrator/cartoonist. His enthusiasm for the medium is evident in each and every piece he produces – with a style that is rare to find in today’s world of digital output and manipulation.”

-Jeff Chandler, Owner Art Gecko Studios

 “Michael was always an engaging and respected instructor when we taught together at the College of Westchester. He constantly added new real world materials to his curriculum and pushed his students to challenge themselves. Michael was a pleasure to work with and was always willing to lend a hand or help out with my classes if needed.”

-Jessica Curry Garlic
Course Director – Web Design & Development at Full Sail University

“Michael is a very talented artist and teacher. His artistic abilites are enhanced by his proficiency with technology, including web page design, storyboarding, cartooning and video editing. He is a pleasure to work with.”

-Steven Widerman
Owner, Director at The Puppet Company


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